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    in the field of regenerative medicine
    and over 50000 joints treated.

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    slide cell therapy

"The Knee Diaries"

"The Knee Diaries" A Global information source dedicated to people with Arthritis and Sports injuries, based on actual cases of Arthritis and Sports injuries seen and treated at The Center For Regenerative Medicine.

Congrats Olympic Medal Holders

The Center for Regenerative Medicine

The Center for Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Florida concentrates on helping arthritic and injured people to get back to a functional level of life and their activities using non-surgical techniques and Orthopedic medicine. The center’s expertise is in treatment of conditions of spine, knees , shoulders , and other cartilage damages. We have developed non-surgical and rehabilitation techniques focused on treatment and management of joint pain. Our team includes health professionals organized around a central theme:

The Center for Regenerative Medicine includes a team of dedicated professionals, with access to Digital imaging, X-Ray and necessary orthopedic equipments. Major players including Global icons, world champions, sports legends, Pro athletes, amateur athletes, dancers and people with just plain arthritis come to the Center for regenerative medicine from around the world for non-surgical orthopedic care , using our facility to improve their conditions.

Inviting Staff

Our staff understands you are in pain, and we know we need to be just as freindly as healing.

Latest Technology

The center is equiped with the latest in arthritic diagnostics technology.

Experienced Staff

When only the best can be considered, the center is the place to turn.

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