The specific physical therapy program is called Collateral Arterial Flow Exchange (C.A.F.E) Exercises. Here the idea is to concentrate and direct blood circulation and nutritional reach to damaged region. By means of the Collateral arteries the nutritional support to damaged joint is increased.

The doctor also advises his patients to do Chi Ga. We recommend to our patients this wonderful series of exercise, this type of Tai Chi is designed specifically for arthritis. Several studies have shown that regular tai chi practice has benefits: By increasing circulation to the joints, it can help improve arthritis, It can reduce falls in the elderly or those with balance disorders sometimes dramatically.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi 2

Every day, in parks, gyms and on the beaches across America, people are practicing tai chi. As they gather around and move together in harmony through a series of slow and synchronized postures, it may look as though they are performing some kind of dance or ritual.

What they are actually doing is an ancient Chinese practice designed to exercise body, mind and spirit. As they move through tai chi postures, they are gently working muscles, focusing concentration, and, according to Chinese philosophy, improving the flow of “qi,”the vital life energy that sustains health and calms the mind.

The physical therapy program is important to optimize the success. The program is designed to promote the ideal nutritional support for the muscular skeleton system.

Dr. Farshchian leads a class of his patients in the Sun Style of Tai Chi near the calming surf on Miami Beach. At rear, patients mimic his slow, deliberate Tai Chi movements hoping to make their joints more flexible. circa winter of 2001

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